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The large barn

The large barn

Work has started again, after the Christmas break, on installing a new roof on the large barn which houses the food-store for the animals and the utility areas. During the holiday this area was covered by a large tarpaulin which thankfully withstood the high winds of the period. What a useful area this will be when the roof is finished and we will have a dry area for a change with no leaks in the roof. This work is funded by the sale of the apples from the apple trees on the land for the production of cider. Thank you to Martin, the builder, and to volunteer Steve for all the hard work they are putting in. It is really appreciated.

The Horses’ Shelter

The Horses' Shelter

Did you know that we now have a shelter for the horses at “El Paraíso del Burro”? This was started some time ago but never quite finished. Before they left, Michael and Maria put in a lot of time and effort to finish it. Doesn’t it look good? It is now a fine place for the horses to shelter from the wind and rain.

Frieda…………..Our latest arrival

A short while ago, a new donkey arrived at the “Paraíso del Burro”.  Her name is Freida and she came from a loving family near Aviles, one of the main cities of Asturias.  She is a rather shy lady and is settling in slowly, getting to know her donkey friends.  Of course she probably hasn’t seen so many of her own species in one place before now.  As is often the case here in Asturias, her elderly owners could no longer manage to look after her and they were sad to see her go.  Like many donkeys of her age, Frieda has arthritis in her legs and her hooves will also need some attention.  To me, she looks very much like Flora and she has a sweet and surprised look about her.  What do you think?Image

Happy Animals Happy People 2012 By Catherina Davis

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Below is a slideshow of photos taken during 2012 on Paraiso Del Burro.