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For the past six year, a large grey-coated mule (age unknown) has regularly been seen grazing on a plot of land near Gijon. Recently, some friends of El Paraiso del burro, who help out at the dog sanctuary in Infiesto, noticed that for about two months, the mule did not appear to have been cared for. He was beginning to look neglected and in poor health. He was without shelter, food and water, tethered to a tree and covered in parasites.

It was clear that he has either been abandoned or his owner can no longer care for him. The helpers from the Dog sanctuary managed to take him food and water but their concerns would not go away. Following discussions with the local police, it was agreed that he should be relocated to El Paraiso del Burro. The policemen even came along to see him off to his new home.

He is now settling into his new home in Arobes. He is thin, timid and rather afraid of humans but with time, care and a good diet, he should bounce back to good health and enjoy his days with our other residents. One of the first jobs we need to do is to eradicate the parasites…

Oh and bye the way, we have called him Pablo. Welcome to El Paraiso del Burro Pablo.

Welcome Pablo the Mule.