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Introducing Flora

Flora, the 18th donkey in the donkey-paradise.   Last week we went into Posada de Llanes to collect a new donkey. Her owners, four elderly women of whom one was bedridden, had looked after her very well for more than 20 years, but now could no longer. Flora lived in a dark corner of a stable and had no movement whatsoever. Ever since she arrived in the paradise in Arobes, she has been looking around with large eyes and an amazed expression: “What is this?? Where am I?? Walking around in a meadow!! Eleven other donkeys with me in the stable!!” Flora loves to lie down every now and then, and also to roll over in the grass – a thing she hasn’t been able to do for a long time… She loves her new diet of carrots, apples and mixed cereals, but will have to lose some weight …

Flora - They will miss her