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The large barn

The large barn

Work has started again, after the Christmas break, on installing a new roof on the large barn which houses the food-store for the animals and the utility areas. During the holiday this area was covered by a large tarpaulin which thankfully withstood the high winds of the period. What a useful area this will be when the roof is finished and we will have a dry area for a change with no leaks in the roof. This work is funded by the sale of the apples from the apple trees on the land for the production of cider. Thank you to Martin, the builder, and to volunteer Steve for all the hard work they are putting in. It is really appreciated.


The Horses’ Shelter

The Horses' Shelter

Did you know that we now have a shelter for the horses at “El Paraíso del Burro”? This was started some time ago but never quite finished. Before they left, Michael and Maria put in a lot of time and effort to finish it. Doesn’t it look good? It is now a fine place for the horses to shelter from the wind and rain.

Not only a paradise for donkeys………… Marleen Stroes (a volunteer)

The “Paradise” in Arobes isn’t only a paradise for donkeys. The first morning of my visit I found these two beautiful cats Pepper and Canela lying very comfortable on my bed.Image

After a gorgeous lunch I sat down in the field and looked into the happy faces of Kari and Mara..


Then I felt something sitting beside me making a very happy was Arvo snoring.  



Running out of her space in the stables came Ronja and the sound of a purring cat joined Arvo. 



But of course do not forget the donkeys…here Rosie is taking Ronja for a ride though the garden..


Our October Open Day

This lovely video was taken by a visitor to the Open Day.

Walking with Donkeys

This year, for the first time, “El Paraíso del Burro” has acted as a host to people who wish to “Walk with donkeys”.  The walks are organized by Astrid and Thomas at Camping Fontebona , a tranquil camp site for nature lovers near Infiesto, and the protagonists of the project  are the lovely Añes and Lola, formerly of the Paraiso but now adopted by Astrid and Thomas.

The “Walking with Donkeys” project is open to anyone, but particularly to people who are camping at Fontebona camp site, and consists of a 4 day walk of around 14 km per day from the campsite to the Paraiso and back, mainly via green routes and tranquil country lanes.  At the end of each day the walkers, accompanied by Añes and Lola, are accommodated in guest houses (nights 1 and 3) and at the Paraiso (night 2).   This gives the participants a chance to meet the donkeys and other animals here at the Paraiso and also, to enjoy some local hospitality.  Along the way, there is never a dull moment as many local people get to know about the donkey walking and will help out with directions and “advice”.  On the day before the start of the journey there is a familiarization walk of 5km so that walkers can get to know their donkey friends and gain the knowledge they will need for their journey.

The photographs, taken by Astrid and Thomas, show some of the first families to enjoy this new experience as they set off on their journey.

For more information:




On Sunday 5th August the Association had a stall at the annual picnic or Romeria organised by “Animales del Oriente” in Infiesto.  The event started at 12.30 when Marleen and Miquel set up the stall for the Donkey Paradise with small items which we sell, along with a few “donkey cakes” which were sold very quickly.  Next year we must certainly make more cakes.  

The event starts off slowly, with a few people looking around the various stalls which include books, DVD’s, toys, bric-a-brac, pet supplies and artisan goods.  There is lively music with D.J. “Mark” and a bar for refreshments.  People have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a picnic in a beautiful setting next to the river and its famous cave which is the setting for a small chapel. 

After lunch, the event picks up a pace and lots of people arrive with their dogs to take part in various events.  Añes and Lola come along to give rides to the children and games are organized for children.  There was also a display of agility and dog training.

It is very much an event which we enjoy being a part of.  Unfortunately I only took photos during the early part of the day and they don’t show how busy the event became later on, however, you can see more photos and read about the event by going to this link or and clicking their Facebook page.


No wine………… candles……………………by Platero

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No candles…….. no wine……….

There were no candles or wine at the picnic on our open day, but it really was a great party! My donkey friends, living in El Paraiso del Burro, were invited to eat at the table. You can see in the photos that it was all specially prepared for us. The only things missing were candles and wine!

We have said that this summer we’ll have more donkey-parties and this pleases me a lot! But hopefully next time they might set the table with a little notion of donkey culture. We asses behaved in an exemplary fashion, as you can see in these photos.

On behalf of all my colleagues, with a friendly hoof print from PLATERO

Our next Open Days are:
Sunday 1st July
Sunday 5th August
From 11am to 2 pm

Yara and Flora…………….by Catherina

Flora is in the garden near to the flowers, as her name suggests, whilst Yara waits by the gate

There is a donkey here called Yara,
The other called Flora is tall and white,
They like to eat food of all the others if they could,
And it’s clear to see they have a large appetite!

This new friendship that has appeared to have blossomed.
An inseparable pair with so much love in their hearts,
Circumstance has interwoven a very special bond,
Walking side by side and never apart.

As their journey unfolds,
And their friendship is sung,
They like to chat endlessly,
Of bales when they were young.

Yara and Flora will remain forever true,
Their love for each other is a sight to be seen,
The everlasting light shines bright all around them,
And the cloudless misty sky it shines so blue.

By Catherina

Our April Open Day

Visitors of all ages came to the Open Day at the Donkey Paradise on Sunday 1st April. It was a beautiful sunny morning and a good time was had by all, especially the donkeys and other animals, who enjoyed all the extra love and attention they were receiving.

We would like to say a big “thank you” to all who came along and supported the Donkey Paradise.

Here are photos of some of the visitors and helpers at the Open Day, just scroll over the picture for a description.

The next Open Day will be on Sunday 3rd of June if you would like to come along to meet the animals and their human friends.

The donkeys at “El Paraiso del Burro”

These are the donkeys that are currently living at the Donkey Paradise (“Paraiso del Burro”). However, we also care for a few horses, mules, dogs and cats. You can come to visit the animals by attending one of the Open Days (more details on the blog, the webpage and facebook) or by coming to stay and working as a Volunteer helper. Lynn