Our donkeys

Here are a few photos of some of the beautiful donkeys at El Paraíso del Burro, the Donkey Paradise, in Asturias, Northern Spain.  Our donkeys are mostly, but not entirely, elderly and often arrive with health problems due to overwork, poor food and stabling and lack of general care, for example lack of hoof care and treatment of parasites.  A few of our donkeys, however, come from homes where they were well looked after but, for diverse reasons, their former owners can no longer care for them.  We also have a small group of youngsters who tend to stick together.  As well as the donkeys, we also look after a group of horses and ponies, plus several cats, dogs and one delightful, hairy, pig!  At the Donkey Paradise they are all well loved and cared for by Marleen, the founder (pictured in one or two photos below) and her teams of volunteers.

Thank you to one of our Volunteers, Vincent Galiano for these wonderful photos.


  1. Beautiful donkeys you have here, nice to meet you and all of your donkeys. Melody
    If you want a small sign I will find out the shipping cost for you? I can ship anywhere in the world just shipped to France and Norway both were $39.00. Let me know if you would like one of the hand made art signs (metal) On Donkey Time, replica of our mini Rocket Man sitting down. Send me your mailing address and I will send you the shipping cost. My e-mail is Melody@Donkeywhisperer.com

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