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Happy Animals Happy People 2012 By Catherina Davis

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Below is a slideshow of photos taken during 2012 on Paraiso Del Burro.

TALES OF ONE CAT AND THREE KITTENS written by Catherina Davis

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It is not only donkeys that come to live here at Donkey Paradise. We have some new additions to our big family of animals. We have a 3 years Old Persian cat called Julie that has been here some months. Julie’s owners were moving house from Asturias to the south of Spain and asked Marleen if there would be a home for Julie here. Julie is a very affectionate cat and likes to sleep on a silk pillow in the house. She is outside during the day but sleeps in the house at night-time
During one of our evening routines of collecting the donkeys, Astrid, liana and Eline were staying in the cabana with their parents. As they walked through the field in search of donkeys, they suddenly heard a cat calling out. Near the stream at the cabana they found a tiny kitten that was in a bad state. They carried her back to show Marleen. Her eyes were completely closed and infected. We cleaned her eyes and gave her food, which she ate so quickly. The next day Marleen brought her to the vet where they removed 60 ticks. She also had fleas which the vet treated and cat flu. Antibiotics and eye drops were given to her every day. Marleen kept her in her room to keep her separated from Julie as cat flu is contagious to other cats.Marleen called her Canela (cinnamon in English). Once canelas flu had cleared up, Julie who was staying in my room came to staying in the rest of the house with Canela. At first Julie was not too sure of this little kitten running around and wanting to play with her, but over time they seemed to enjoy each other’s company and played games running around the house. After a few weeks of this we noticed that Julie did not seem happy. Although she got the attention of people coming in to the house during the day and evening she didn’t appear very happy. Julie started to become annoyed with Canela who being a curious little kitten wanted the company of another cat to play with as well as the games and attention of us. It was evident to see how sad she had become. Marleen sent an email to her previous owners to inform them of the change in Julie’s behaviour. They contacted Marleen back and were deeply saddened by what was happening and would make arrangements if possible to have Julie back with them.
Marleen was contacted by Anjo and bob that help in giving refuge and rehome dogs and cats and two little kittens that were abandoned were looking for a new home. With the arrival of two new kittens and the condition that Julie was in we felt the best thing to do was to move Julie back to my room where she could be by herself and keep me company too! It took some time for Julie to feel comfortable again but with one person looking after her and having her own space she started to come out of herself again. She is so much happier again and I call her my princess (mi princessa) as I feel this suits her personality better.
With the arrival of two new kittens it was a lot of fun to see. Canela bonded with the playful brothers straight away and what beauty could be seen in the simplicity and the natural progression of watching Pepper, Ginger and Canela play, chasing each other up and down the stairs and taking little naps when they were tired.
My princess remained in my room and last month she moved over to the cabana to live with Michael. I brought her over with me when I stayed there over Christmas to see how she would feel in her new home. Princessa adapted straight away in her new space and when Michael returned from his Christmas holidays he was more than happy with his new cat friend.canela pepper (4)