Farewell to an old friend “Kees: In loving memory”

Your time was up, fig-belly Kees

So slowly you went on your way.

From Paradise to heaven is only one step

But you took your time to go

Losing weight

Losing strength

Losing your appetite

Your sense of adventure

And your urge to escape and discover.

Your time was up, my dear friend Kees

So softly, softly you went where you were called.

Thank you for having been with us for so long

For being such a good friend

Leaving us with the pictures of your past

And with many sweet memories of you.



About El Paraiso del Burro

The donkey paradise or "El Paraiso del burro" is a charity registered in Spain to help old and abandoned donkeys to live out the remainder of their lives in a peaceful location with other donkeys in a similar situation. It is run entireley on donations from the public.

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  1. Dear Marleen
    Lovely tribute to a wonderful, characterful donkey
    RIP Kees
    Love Trudy & Bram🐾

  2. Beautiful words.

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