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In memory of Norbert …………………………….by Lynn

Last week, a well-loved donkey, Norbert, passed away naturally of old-age. Everyone loved Norbert.  He was the gentle giant and we will miss him dearly as he has lived at the Paraiso practically since the beginning when Marleen had only a few donkeys.  Norbert was very old, as are most of the donkeys here, but up until the end he enjoyed his food and he liked to go outside in the fresh air for a few hours each day.  He had great patience and a calm manner.  His great friend was Jelle and they were always together until Jelle died a few years ago now.  In memory of Norbert, of Jelle, and of all the donkeys who have been with us for a while but sadly are no longer with us, here are some photos of various corners of the Donkey Paradise that they will have passed by over the years.

bullrush Damsel fly Eco loo Garden - cabana manzanas Meditation pool Norbert feb 2013 Picnic table puente reflexions Sleeping statue Stump

Kate’s pictorial memories of El Paraiso del Burro

Many of the volunteers, who come to El Paraíso del Burro to work, enjoy taking photos of the animals and the environment to remind them of their stay.  Such photos often give us a different perspective on life at the refuge and are greatly valued and enjoyed for this reason.  

These beautiful photos have been shared by volunteer Kate who came here in the springtime. Kate was happy for us to share her photos with you and we hope that you will enjoy them as much as we do.

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