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On Sunday 5th August the Association had a stall at the annual picnic or Romeria organised by “Animales del Oriente” in Infiesto.  The event started at 12.30 when Marleen and Miquel set up the stall for the Donkey Paradise with small items which we sell, along with a few “donkey cakes” which were sold very quickly.  Next year we must certainly make more cakes.  

The event starts off slowly, with a few people looking around the various stalls which include books, DVD’s, toys, bric-a-brac, pet supplies and artisan goods.  There is lively music with D.J. “Mark” and a bar for refreshments.  People have the opportunity to relax and enjoy a picnic in a beautiful setting next to the river and its famous cave which is the setting for a small chapel. 

After lunch, the event picks up a pace and lots of people arrive with their dogs to take part in various events.  Añes and Lola come along to give rides to the children and games are organized for children.  There was also a display of agility and dog training.

It is very much an event which we enjoy being a part of.  Unfortunately I only took photos during the early part of the day and they don’t show how busy the event became later on, however, you can see more photos and read about the event by going to this link or and clicking their Facebook page.


The August Donkey Banquet……… Lynn

Our Open Day on Sunday 4th August was a great success, with the donkeys on their best behavior. The table was laid and the food was arranged whilst the donkeys were peacefully grazing in the meadows, however, the summer breezes quickly carried the scents of cabbage, carrots, apples and pieces of bread to their nostrils as a row of heads soon appeared at the fence.


The hot weather added to the lively atmosphere around the table as the donkeys enjoyed their banquet, watched over by enthralled adults and children who joined in the party atmosphere. It didn’t take them very long to devour all the food on the table and then they went to mingle with their guests hoping for an extra treat or a stroke behind their ears.


This was our final donkey banquet for 2013 but the donkeys will still enjoy their daily supply of fresh vegetables with their meals throughout the year. The next Open Day will be on Sunday 6th October.