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THE GREAT PABLO……………………….By Catherina

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You feared the world by harsh hands that disempowered you,

You were badly treated as they tried to break your spirit,

Trapped in a state of misery and bound to a journey of sorrow,

Your heart cried out in pain, “Save me”.


You stood tall, you beautiful loving white mule,

You were made to carry a cart burdened with greed and anger,

You absorbed and endured the pain in order to survive,

But your fragility and judgement was clouded with emotions.

Abandoned by the people who had you, as darkness crept inside your heart,

Then a gentle voice beckoned you to come forth,

Leave down your chains of struggle and walk free with me,

You are not alone anymore Pablo, you will never feel alone.


Gentle hands saved you and wrapped you in a blanket of compassion,

And as the days unfolded you were cared for and loved,

You were gently and patiently nurtured,

And time enabled you to trust humans again.

A donkey on high heels… Marleen

Sounds like a joke, but isn’t …

Our new donkey Rosie came with both front hooves bent completely backwards – due to severe neglect. She couldn’t walk; only stumble … until our farrier Mariano was fairly sure he could restore the damage little by little.

He started by making a very special iron for Rosie that would prevent her from stepping on the front of the hoof again. The iron was affixed to the hoof with a plastic material that hardens out in any form you will need, and underneath two supports were made to keep the hoof in upright position. With these ‘high heels’ Rosie all of a sudden was much taller!

Rosie with one new shoe

Rosie with one new shoe

The first few weeks were painful to her, so she was given pain killers and medicines to help make her stiffened tendons more flexible. Then the supports were taken off. This made walking easier for her; once when we forgot to close the gate, she had walked off way into the meadow to be with the other donkeys!

Rosie is a very different donkey now. She leaves her stable every morning and comes to the straw storage to nibble straw. She walks around in the yard, enjoying the company of her stable mate Hannah and the attention of all the people around the house.

Rosie on high heels

Rosie on high heels

Yara and Flora…………….by Catherina

Flora is in the garden near to the flowers, as her name suggests, whilst Yara waits by the gate

There is a donkey here called Yara,
The other called Flora is tall and white,
They like to eat food of all the others if they could,
And it’s clear to see they have a large appetite!

This new friendship that has appeared to have blossomed.
An inseparable pair with so much love in their hearts,
Circumstance has interwoven a very special bond,
Walking side by side and never apart.

As their journey unfolds,
And their friendship is sung,
They like to chat endlessly,
Of bales when they were young.

Yara and Flora will remain forever true,
Their love for each other is a sight to be seen,
The everlasting light shines bright all around them,
And the cloudless misty sky it shines so blue.

By Catherina