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In memoriam: Juliette


One of the most special and beloved donkeys of our sanctuary has died. Juliette had to live with a severely handicapped body, due to much too heavy work, but her mind was unbroken and she had a strong will to live.

We all cried inside when we first saw her. Her front legs stood outside her body, which made walking extremely difficult for her, her back was bent like no other of the old donkeys that live in ‘The donkey paradise’, but she would always be one of the first to leave the stable in the morning. Also she would walk long distances up and downhill when she knew or expected the grazing there to be good. She didn’t like to be touched or brushed, which of course we always respected. But gradually she got used to being touched lovingly and even started to like it. Not so long ago volunteer Joann reported proudly: “Juliette let me brush her today!” Which we all felt to be an enormous leap forward …

Juliette lived with us for almost two years. She died in her own time, in her own way. We found her in the morning in the stable, dead, the other donkeys standing around her. We don’t know if they miss her much, but all of us do. Juliette has made an enormous impression on all of us and will never be forgotten!