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Daniel’s Story

Hello everyone,

My name is Daniel, and I stayed here at the donkey paradise for 3 and a half weeks, having the most wonderful 3 weeks to start my time in Spain with I could ever imagine!

When I came here I got claimed to work on the Cabana with Mark, who was digging a trench around it. Hopefully that will keep the water away from it for a while. In these weeks a lot of things have happened in and around the Cabana, but still it looks like a wreck. Good luck on getting it done this summer!


More successful was the installation of the new clean water, the tanks and the pump! I will not forget sitting in the big green tank for an hour, nor I will forget digging and digging and digging. All those hoses going everywhere, I decided that if I was not going to do it they would still lay on the grass next year, so I made sure at least half of them are safely under the ground. Just a few more hundreds of meters to go!

In the meanwhile I learned about donkeys, their food, their care, but I suppose there is enough for everyone to read about those already.

Of course, I like all animals, but in the first week I was welcomed by Lucy, the dog of Bob. After just a few days she would never leave me alone, knowing that there was a possibility I would throw sticks for her. It became a bit annoying once I kickt her every time I tried to walk, but she did not seem to care. None of the other dogs had as much interest in me afterwards, but I still like playing and running with them.

Good luck caring for Morro, I bet you can let him stay outside, and in a few weeks he will sleep in the dogs kitchen as well!

Enjoy your newly painted stairs, they look wonderful ;). Don’t wait too long with painting the other one, things need to be done today or tomorrow or will never happen!

But that of course goes for more tasks here.

Sorry, I did not take any photographs here, perhaps Marleen has a picture of me, and otherwise the donkeys resamble me quite okay.

Greetings from the Dutch 18 year old reckless hitchhiker!

Daniel Siegmund

Don’t worry Daniel – We found a picture!