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Floor’s Vacation at the Paraiso del burro

One word, amazing…


I didn’t know what to do on my vacation. A few weeks before my vacation I was surfing on the internet. After a long long surf I found ‘Paraiso del burro’.

And I am very glad that I found it…..

The place is beautiful.

Alone with the nature and the animals..

So quiet.

Every morning when I got up and I looked out my window I saw the sun coming up and the mountains in the mist. It was a beautiful sight every morning. That’s better than sounds of cars and screaming kids.



Every morning we start with feeding the horses and then the donkeys.. They were very happy when they saw you. It was because of the food I know that but well it was fun when the started to whistle when you walked into the stables. After a week Leo whistle that loud that it makes me laugh..

After breakfast Jopie and I did usually things together. It was very varied. We planted some trees, we worked at the vegetable garden, we made a fence, and we moved the manure. That was very heavy work. It took us three days but after that we were satisfied. Haha.

 Very soon the tasks for the evening were divided. We didn’t actually speak about it. But that’s how it went. That was funny. Marleen did the upper stables and I did the stables below. The donkeys were very sweet. Every donkey have there own personality. You get to know them and they get to know you. And people say that donkeys are stupid. Well I know now, that’s bullshit. They are very very smart.

Sammy and Linny were the two donkeys that came last at Paraiso del burro. Sammy was a real sneak. Oh oh oh.. Well he is very young. Linny likes to cuddle.. She is so cute.

After a few days one of my favourite donkey was Leo. I don’t know what is was but I was in love J.











Donkeys are very picky. If the water is a little bit dirty than they wouldn’t drink it.

Three days we had almost no water. It came because it rains at night. The water outside was more sand than water. We thought the source was blocked. Marleen and I go up to check but there was nothing to see. Jopie and I go to the area recreativa to get more water. Not only for us but also for the donkeys. Fresh water J.


In the evening we enjoyed the evening sun. Drink a beer and relax. It was great. The dogs en cats around us. My favourite dog was Arvo. I love him. I really do. I want to take him home..

Please Marleen?? J


After enjoying the setting sun we have diner. Marleen cooks really nice diners. Every day is was delicious.


There was also an emotional situation. The dogs were running and barking and the horse Kuka was scared so she runs away. And we think she jumped over the fence. Resulting in a fracture in her upper leg. She couldn’t walk at all. After 2 days Marleen decided to put her to sleep. It was a heavy situation and for me emotional.. I can not stand it when animals die. But it was a good decision.

‘Rest in peace Kuka!’


In a short time that I was at Paraiso del burro, I saw a lot and I learned a lot.

It was a fantastic time on Paraiso del burro. I like to come again.

I want to thank Marleen for this experience.

Thank you very much for everything.

I never forget this vacation!!!


 Lots of Love Floor

From Holland.

My Visit to the Donkey Paradise by Doreen Sweers

 Stay 25.09.2010 -07.10.2010;

Why do I love donkeys? I do not know, but I simply do. And now, after my stay at El  Paraiso, I adore them.  

As everybody knows, love has two sides.

When you get more involved you learn more about the characters about your loved ones. All I can say is that there was not a single animal at El Paraiso that was ill tempered.

Gradually I understood that although most of them have had very rough times caused by the so-called “human’ beings, they all seemed forgiving because times had changed for them.

How often do you find such a behaviour amongst people?  During the first days of my stay I was angry and very sad to see so many crippled donkeys, to hear so many sad stories.

The realization that these donkeys belonged to the ‘happy few’’ and there are so many other animals still in such terrible situations really choked my throat.

Slowly I started to know not only the donkeys, but the horses, dog and cats, not only by name but also  by behavior.  I saw that they really enjoyed being there, they were funny, friendly, easy-going, curious.

This brought me peace of mind, and I could enjoy the beautiful scenery, Marleens good cooking, the nice people helping out.

El Paraiso represents a big part of my dreams. I saw that it takes courage, good faith and love to live such a dream.  What a great example of how we all should respect each other and live together.

Paradise by Mia

This is my last day here in Paraiso del Burro. Tomorrow I’m leaving to go home to Sweden. The rain is pouring outside. Just ran out to get the donkeys in with Marleen, and Amber,  so that they won’t get cold and sick. The question is not if  I’m coming back, I will come back some day. And I guess thats what everybody feels after they spend some time here. Ive been here for a month, and I feel that I could stay here forever. Its really a paradise like its named. I’ve been enjoying every second here. All the other volunteers have been so nice. All ages, all so openminded people with nice hearts. 🙂


I’ve learned a lot about donkeys, and they really are smarter than horses. And they are really funny with their personalities. Their sounds, disabilities, stubborness and many of them are so curious. 😀 They all seem to enjoy it here.. If I were a donkey this would be my dreamplace.

Asturias is so beautiful, Its so green if you compare it to Malaga where I was before I came here. But it is also pretty cold in the night here, It is the high humidity that really gets it in to your bones.

The place itself is amazing. It so beautiful, and you really find some peace here. You forget what day it is, and you don’t care really. You just find your daily routines, and time just flies away.
Marleen is an amazing woman, so open minded, funny and intelligent, and propably the best cook I have ever met. The food here is so delicious. Mixed with nice red wine, makes you enjoy it even more. But be careful, dont eat too much 😉 Dont know how many kg I have put on since I came here hehe.


Except for taking care of the donkeys, I have been building a fence that I finished yesterday. I got a little help from some other volunteers, and I really enjoyed building it. If you are lucky You will see it when you get here 🙂  I have also been here during the “appleweek” that means, that Ive been picking ALOT of apples. And kind of sick of them now. They were sold to a cider factory, and I think this year is the record of kg;s ever picked, more than 11 tons 402 sacks of apples.. can you believe? And glad to be a part of that, to raise money to build a new roof to one of the stables.
I reccomend this place to everyone who likes animals.. If you never experience it you will miss something very special. Im so going to miss it!
All my love to Paraiso del burro and Marleen and to all the amasing people I have met here – 😉 see ya soon!