Monthly Archives: October 2010

Asturias – other places to visit near Donkey Paradise

Whilst working as a volunteer at Donkey Paradise I was given the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful hikes in nearby areas.

The scenery in Picos de Europas is spectacular and there is plenty to see and do whilst there.  One day we all set off to hike through the gorges of the Ruta del Cares.  Photographs cannot capture the magic of the mountains with their steep peaks, deep ravines, rushing streams and variety of wild flowers and bird life.

On another occasion we set off for the coast.  Here we visited the “bufones” – unique geological formations where the waves rush into underground caves to spout up through openings and give the illusion of a dragon roaring and breathing steam from hidden depths.  Then you can stroll along the cliff tops until you reach a secluded little beach and take a dip.

By Barbara de Bruine – Summer 2010