Tobias - Photo - Frans Bizot

Our 20th donkey is called Tobias. A young couple in Holland, Job and Joyce, who have adopted him, gave this name to him.

As his owner didn’t want to keep him any longer and we didn’t have enough stable space, volunteer Peter built a separate makeshift stable for him, so that he could make his acquaintance of the other donkeys bit by bit. By now he has mixed in very well with all the others.

With only 13 years Tobias is our youngest donkey. He’s also very handsome, now that we’ve cleaned him from a thick layer of cow dung.


About El Paraiso del Burro

The donkey paradise or "El Paraiso del burro" is a charity registered in Spain to help old and abandoned donkeys to live out the remainder of their lives in a peaceful location with other donkeys in a similar situation. It is run entireley on donations from the public.

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  1. Reading the story of your Donkey Tobias makes me wonder how the couple you mentioned from Holland came about that name. This may be coincidental, but it may be the inspiration of your donkey’s name. If you are familiar with the former television series “Xena: Warrior Princess”… in Season 2, Episode 9, titled A Solstice Carol, a parody to the Scrooge story, A Christmas Carol’; in this episode a donkey dubbed Tobias was introduced to the series.

  2. Glad you can help so many donkeys….

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